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Resume Database

Recruiters can access the database of resumes to filter the applicants they find best for their profile. BigLeep assists the employers and makes their job easy by giving them a free access to the eligible candidates resume and his work profile before they are called in for interviews. This way it helps recruiters save a lot of time and effort by chucking out unsuitable applicants.

Also, the resume database serves as an instant directory of eligible applicants who are looking forward for a job change. This way, it aids the companies who are looking forward to hire someone by giving them instant access to the profiles of numerous candidates who might be fit for the job. This stops the wastage of time recruiters would have had while calling prospects over the phone and getting the idea whether he/she is fit to be called for the interview or not.

The free access to the resume database is a mine of skilful and talented candidates. Not only it makes the task of hiring easy for an employer but also serves as a buffet for the applicant as various companies can look at the same resume at once.