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BigLeep is here to make the life easier for recruiters and job seekers. As soon as it finds that there is an opening fit for an applicant or an applicant suitable for a job opening, BigLeep sends an email to let the candidate and the recruiter know about it. It cuts down the chase through a simple email offering possibility for a quick hiring.

The email service also serves as a reminder to both the employer and the applicant to be available for the future proceedings i.e., interview scheduling, telephonic rounds etc. This way, BigLeep leaves no stones unturned and makes sure that there is no miscommunication between both the parties. The welcome email is sent to the applicant to notify him/her about a recent opening, keeping them posted about new career and job opportunities.

This one small step ensures that the message gets received loud and clear leaving no scope for confusion for an applicant and also the organization. Paving the way for a smoother hiring, BigLeep assists you at every step of the process.